Success Stories


Nuclear Engineering Degree Level Apprentice at EDF

"I enjoyed the supportive atmosphere from the teachers due to the smaller size of the school and friendly staff"


Degree Level Apprentice (Civil Engineering) at Farrans

"I chose to stay in UTCN for sixth form to study engineering having connected well with the teachers"


Degree Level Apprentice Engineer at Tecosim UK

The School had so many connections to employers and there were lots of opportunities for networking

Amelie Rose

Software Engineering Apprentice at BT/ BSc Hons in Computer Science

[UTCN] seemed like an obvious choice for the line of work (Engineering) I wanted to get into.


Manufacturing degree apprentice at Jaguar Landrover

I've had an experience [at UTCN] like no other


Electro Mechanical Technician Apprenticeship at PPI Engineering Ltd ·

"[The teachers] provided great career and professional development advice"


Apprentice Wind Turbine Technician with Siemens Gamesa

There were high expectations [at UTCN] which helped push me further


Chemical Science Degree Level Apprentice at GSK

"UTCN provides a diverse learning environment by promoting academic skills alongside personal growth and incredible engagement opportunities"


Junior Design Engineer at Quentor

"Professionalism was always paramount [at UTCN]"


Degree level apprentice at EDF

"I also felt that UTCN really set me up for the future"


Engineering Apprentice at British Sugar

This bold move (to UTCN in year 10) has paid off.


MEng in Aeronautical Engineering at Glasgow University

"The skills and experience I gained from studying at UTCN will continue to positively affect me for my whole uni degree and my career beyond that"


Data Analyst for Jaguar Land Rover on their Digital & Technology Solutions (DA pathway)

"It was an employer contact at UTCN which allowed me to undertake a unique work experience project that provided an impressive technical presentation topic for my Jaguar Land Rover interview"


Web Designer at ID&C

"The work experience opportunities and groups [at UTCN], couldn't have prepared us better for our working careers"


Lightweight Vehicle Mechanics

"I joined in year 10 due to the School having better opportunities and curriculum content than my previous school. I would not be where I am now had I stayed at my previous school"


PhD in Agricultural Robotics at the University of East Anglia

"The opportunities were also great, we were lucky enough to go to the GoodWood festival of speed. More opportunities like working for Lotus as a work placement was also possible"


Engineering Technician Apprentice for Scottish Power Renewables

"Being able to reflect on my time at UTCN, I now realise how fortunate I was to be able of had to opportunities that I did"


Degree Apprenticeship in Design Engineering with Warren Services

Cailum has been supporting our sixth form students with Find your Future where students are working on a project set by Warren Services to design an on street electric car charger.


BEng in Renewable Energy Engineering at Exeter University

"Being able to have regular contact with a large variety of different employers allowed for me and other students to broaden our networks and understanding of our options post UTCN"


Installation Technician at SNAP

"I specifically chose UTCN because of its facilities and teachers"


Multi-Skilled Engineering Apprentice (Level 3) at the Alton Towers Resort

"Thanks to the staff at UTCN I ended up finding my true ambition and securing an apprenticeship in a role I adore"


Degree Level Apprentice at Warren Services

"I had work experience at EX-Heat and been involved in F1 in Schools whilst at UTCN so this also gave me some of the soft skills I needed to go into the degree apprenticeship"


Substation Commissioning Engineer Higher Level Apprentice with National Grid

"UTCN promotes a professional atmosphere and treats its students like individuals."


Degree Level Network Engineer Apprentice at BT

"The main selling point for UTCN for me was that it had a great history of helping students progress into Apprenticeship roles which was highly appealing to me"


Aviation Engineering Apprentice (Level 3) at KLM UK Engineering

The School catered towards what employers wanted to see in the students


BEng in Motorsport Technology at Oxford Brookes University

"I came to an openday at UTCN whilst I was still in primary and had already decided at that point that UTCN was the right place for me from year 10"


Engineering Technician Apprentice at City College Norwich/ PPI Engineering Ltd

"I loved UTCN for the depth that the tutors were able to go into each subject thanks to their experience prior to being tutors"


Plant Quality Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover


Aircraft Machinist Apprentice at KLM UK Engineering

"I came to UTCN as I was very impressed with the facilities"


Civil Aviation Mechanic Apprentice at KLM UK Engineering

"Coming to UTCN was one of the best decisions I ever made"


Degree LevelApprentice at Warren Services

Andrew found his degree level apprenticeship whilst taking part in Find Your Future sessions at UTCN and working alongside Will from Warren Services.


Wind Turbine Technician Apprentice at RWE Renewables

"When I first looked at UCTN I knew it was the place to give me the best start into a career later on, with their work placements, and apprenticeship connections."


Apprentice Business Analyst at Aviva


BEng in Automotive Engineering (with a year in industry as a Design Engineer at WAE Technologies) at Coventry University

I wanted to come to UTCN due to the fantastic employer partners


BSc in Materials Science at Swansea University


BSc Computer System Engineering at Bath University


Civil Engineering Site Manager Degree Level Apprentice at Farrans Construction

"I feel like, by going to a STEM 6th Form, I was surrounded with people with similar interests and aspirations."


Dyson Institute Engineering Degree Apprenticeship

"UTCN opened my eyes to careers in engineering, before I started I knew that my passion was maths, but I didn’t know where that could take me"


BSc Mechatronics and Robotic Systems at Liverpool University

"UTCN helped me with my university application"


Apprentice IT Technician at VMit Ltd

"Every teacher at UTCN wants you to succeed in their subject"


Development Engineer (Chassis Integration) at Singer Vehicle Design

"Be yourself and be courageous, be open and honest!"


Degree Level Apprentice at Glazing Vision

"The teachers had real knowledge of the subject as opposed to just teaching us from a book"


Degree Level Electro-Mechanical Engineer Apprentice at Caterpillar

"[The teachers} made the effort to get to know me as an individual"


Level 4 Engineering Apprentice at KGB Commercial Heating Ltd

" I’m really enjoying my Apprenticeship and UTCN helped me to get used to the working hours because of how the school day ran"


Technical Advisor at Swift Aircraft

"UTCN offers you a lot of opportunities to meet employers and gain the soft skills you need in the workplace. That’s how I met my employer!"


Software Development Apprentice (Level 4) at Crisp Malt group

"I was really impressed by how 6th formers are encouraged to engage with employers whilst still at school and to build the soft skills like communication and team work"


Aerospace Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire

"UTCN helped me stand out amongst other applicants"


Graduate Structural Engineer at Canham Consulting

"For students who want to study engineering and possibly want to go on to an Apprenticeship, the opportunities at UTCN are second to none"