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Joining Us in Year 10

If you would like to join us in September 2024, our first round of applications opened on Monday 18th September and closed on the 31st October. 

Whilst our application window has now closed for year 10 (2024 Entry), we welcome applications to our waiting list. Please complete the application form below to do this. 

If you are looking to join us in 2025, applications will open in September 2024. Please keep an eye on our social media and website for further details. You can also express your interest in joining year 10 in 2025 by filling in this form. We will email you once applications open.

Application Form for 2024 EntryCourses AvailableOur year 10 Open Event was held on 5th October 2023. If you were not able to attend, you can attend a School tour on Wednesday mornings during term time.

Book a School Tour 

Book an Open Event

Application process

  • 18/09/23: Applications open. You can apply here.
  • 31/10/23: Applications close. If we still have places available after 31/10/23, we will continue to take applications until 10/02/24 or when we reach our intake capacity – whichever happens first. 
  • November 2023: CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) testing for all on-time applicants will take place. You must attend this event for your application to be taken forward. 
    • An invitation email will be sent to all applicants a couple of weeks before the testing day.
    • This test will not be used to admit applicants who perform “best” on the test. The test has no pass or fail and will be used to ensure UTCN admits students from the full spectrum of ability. We are a non-selective school and want to admit students from a wide range of abilities.
    • The test reveals hidden potential by assessing the other main types of reasoning ability known to make a difference in learning and achievement, providing us with a rounded profile of the whole child
    • The test measures verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning 
    • It is not a test of learned knowledge. You cannot revise for this test.
    • A useful video about the test can be found here.
    • More information about testing SEND and EAL students can be found here.
  • Friday, 15th December 2023: Offer letters and emails will be sent out
  • February 2024: KS4 Options Event 
  • July 2024: We will hold Induction days for new starters to year 10
  • September 2024: New Parents’ Information Evening: At this event, UTCN systems and procedures will be explained and parents will have the opportunity to meet key staff including Form Tutors.
  • September 2024: New school year commences

NB.  Information on the school uniform can be found here. Uniforms can be ordered here. If you have any queries about uniforms, please contact Birds of Dereham  on 01362 692941 or enquiries@birdsofdereham.com

Below, we set out a few important items of information which I hope that you will find useful. 

Key Stage 4 Handbook

Our Key Stage 4 Handbook can be viewed and downloaded here.

Year 10 Summer Work Pack

To help your child prepare for their studies at UTCN, we have put together a Summer Work Pack. This will help them gently prepare for Year 10. 


Information on travel to school can be found here.



If your child has an identified Special Educational Need, has a medical condition or you feel that they will need extra support in lessons, it is important that you make contact with our SENCo, Mr Whitelam via email on keith.whitelam@utcncst.org 

Term Dates

These are available on our website here.