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Our Uniform Supplier is Birds of Dereham

The UTCN uniform is designed to be smart and cost effective.

Order onlineFurther clarification on all aspects of UTCN uniform and appearance can be found below.

UTCN insists on high standards of personal presentation.

Our Uniform and Appearance policy has been developed with our governing body of employers to prepare students for the world of work. All prospective students and their parents should ensure that they are able to adhere to the Uniform and Appearance Policy as it is strictly enforced.

Items marked Birds can only be purchased here from our uniform supplier Birds of Dereham. 

All items are required unless otherwise stated. 



Natural hair colours only

Hair should be cut no shorter than grade 2 and without patterns


Discreet makeup is permitted

Suitable for an office environment


Facial piercings (and retainer piercings) are not permitted


Stud earrings are acceptable, no other jewellery is allowed


Nail varnish and acrylic nails are not permitted

Dress Code

All items marked Birds can be ordered online

Year 10 and 11


UTCN tie – for appropriate year group (Birds – replacement ties available from UTCN)

UTCN Blazer (Birds)

UTCN Jumper (Birds)(optional)

Plain black trousers (generic) or a knee length logoed tailored, plain black skirt (Birds) with plain, black or natural tights

White shirt (generic)

Black shoes (Not leather trainers) and dark coloured socks (generic). Example of appropriate footwear can be found here

Unnamed (2)Unnamed (3)Unnamed (4)Unnamed


UTCN Dust Coat (Birds)

Safety Boots (Birds or must be marked S1P or SBP compliant)


UTCN Polo Shirt (Birds)

UTCN Midlayer (Birds)

Black shorts (Black, loose fitting, suitable length)/tracksuit bottoms (Plain black or blue)(generic)

UTCN Leggings (Birds)(optional)


UTCN Socks (Birds)


Plain navy or black coat

UTCN Shell Coat (Birds)(optional)

UTCN Outdoor Coat (Birds)(optional)

Year 12 and 13


Trouser or skirt suit suitable for a formal office environment

Formal shoes – plain, without logo with a flat or low solid heel

Dark coloured socks

Shirt or blouse of any colour suitable for a business environment

Dark coloured socks or pattern suitable for a business environment

Tie suitable for a business environment (ties do not need to be worn with a blouse)

Workshop (only required for workshop engineering courses)

UTCN Dust Coat (Birds)

Black safety boots – with toe protection and mid-sole penetration protection (Birds or must be marked S1P or SBP compliant)


Suitable coat