GCSE Sociology (From September 2024)

Please note this GCSE is only available for year 10s joining us in September 2024

Examining Body: WJEC

Content Summary

Sociology is the study of human relationships and institutions. It gives students eye-opening insights into human behaviour and the way we have changed our views over time. 

It helps students to gain knowledge and understanding of key social structures, processes and issues through the study of families, education, crime and deviance and social groups. 

Students will develop their analytical, assimilation and communication skills by comparing and contrasting perspectives on a variety of social issues, constructing reasoned arguments, making substantiated judgements and drawing reasoned conclusions. 

By studying sociology, students will develop transferable skills including how to: 

  • investigate facts and make deductions 

  • develop opinions and new ideas on social issues 

  • analyse and better understand the social world

Related Subjects 

  • Sociology has strong links to History, as it includes the study of perspectives and social structures over time

  • Sociology also includes the study of research methods that benefits studies in Science

  • Developing the ability to find patterns and analyse information will enhance students’ English Language and Literature skills 

Related Careers

Whilst the skills students develop when studying Sociology are relevant and useful for almost all career paths due the content and analytical nature of the course, there are some specific careers paths that are closely linked to it: 

  • Teaching 

  • Marketing 

  • Management roles 

  • Policing 

  • Social work

  • Journalism 

  • Law

  • Public Relations


Further information can be found here

The presentation given by teachers at the GCSE Options Evening can be found here