GCSE Art & Design

GCSE Art at UTCN offers you the opportunity to use your imagination and to be creative in a variety of visual areas.

Content Summary

Art GCSE offers you a suitable foundation from which you can move on to further and higher education.

The delivery of Art has been carefully planned to include a wide range of skills and techniques including drawing, painting, collage, mixed-media, photography, print-making, model-making, and contextual studies.

Drawing from observation is an important element of the course and will help to develop your spacial awareness, visual perception and judgement.

What Can I Expect In Lessons?

  • Develop your skills through private study and individual research
  • Keep a sketchbook
  • Evaluate your own work and that of others

The Art Department Will:

  • Give you options of using different styles and mediums
  • Help you develop your own style
  • Give you advice on how to improve

The presentation given by teachers at the 2024 GCSE Options Evening can be found here