GCSE Triple Award Science

Examining Body: AQA

NB. Taking Triple Science as an option is subject to an aptitude test. Please contact admissions@utcncst.org for further details.

Content Summary

You will work towards three GCSEs in your science course, following the AQA BiologyChemistry and Physics syllabi.

By choosing this option you will study the three separate disciplines of science with dedicated lessons in each.

If you choose this option it would replace Double Science from the core subjects list.

Taking three separate sciences allows you to delve deeper into the fascinating topics within each subject.

Additionally, you will gain a distinct advantage when wanting to study science beyond GCSE along with a solid foundation for many science-related and unrelated careers.

What Can I Expect In Lessons?

Triple award science lessons are varied, you will be learning complicated theories of how the universe around you works and then trying them for yourself in practicals.

You will learn the skills needed to interact with the biological, molecular and physical world including, but not limited to, measuring mass, speeds, concentrations, volumes, and temperatures. Studying three sciences is very demanding and require hard work both inside and outside the classroom, but it is ultimately extremely rewarding.

The Science Department Will:

  • Help you develop your understanding of science, and how it applies to you in the real world
  • Assess and develop you to reach and exceed your potential
  • Offer opportunities to attend extra curricular actives that are relevant to you and your world

The presentation given by teachers at the GCSE Options Evening can be found here