NCFE Health and Fitness

The NCFE qualification, equivalent to a GCSE, is appropriate for learners who are looking to develop a significant core of knowledge and understanding in health and fitness.

It encourages the learner to use knowledge and practical tools to focus on supporting people with specific health and fitness goals. The study of health and fitness involves understanding the functions of the body systems, understanding of the principles of training, knowing how the body reacts in the short- and long-term to fitness activities, how to create and apply lifestyle analysis tools and how to create a fitness programme for a person with specific goals. It is assessed over two units.

Unit 1 is an external written exam which is worth 40% of the final grade, and Unit 2 which is a synoptic project which is 60% of the final grade. The content of this course will be delivered in both practical and theory lessons.

Practical elements are used to support the theory content.

The presentation given by teachers at the GCSE Options Evening can be found here

Calculating GCSE Points

More information on how to calculate GCSE points from Level 2 Vocational Courses can be found here