KS5 PHSE Curriculum Overview


Relationships and Sex Education

  • Relationship Values
  • Consent
  • Contraception and parenthood
  • Bullying abuse and discrimination
  • Relationships including friendships

Health and Wellbeing

  • Self concept
  • Health Mind and Wellbeing
  • Health Lifestyles
  • Managing risks and personal safety
  • Sexual Health
  • Drugs, alcohol and tabacco

Careers Education and Finance

  • Employability Skills
  • Post 18 Destinations
  • Student Finance
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Work and careers
  • Employment rights and responsibilities
  • Media literacy and digital resilience

Citizenship and British Values

  • Human rights and international law
  • Parliamentary democracy

RSE Specific Lesson Content

  • Healthy and respectful relationships
  • Safe sex including sexual health and contraception
  • Acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in relationships
  • Developing intimate relationships
  • Boundaries and consent
  • Stereotyping, prejudice and equality
  • Body confidence and self esteem
  • How to recognise an abusive relationship, including coercive and controlling behaviour
  • The concept of and laws relating to sex
  • Choices in the law around pregnancy
  • What constitutes sexual harassment, and sexual violence and why these are unacceptable
  • Teaching about the impact of puberty.