T Level Engineering Foundation Programme (Level 2)

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Great for progression to study T Levels in Engineering.

Minimum entry criteria:

  • 24 GCSE Points
    • Calculate GCSE Points with your best 8 individual GCSE subjects (9=9, 8=8, 7=7 etc.)
    • More information on how to calculate GCSE points from Level 2 Vocational Courses can be found here

  • Grade 4 in Maths

  • Grade 3 in English Language
  • Strong interest in Engineering

T Levels are new qualifications introduced to provide technical routes for students pursuing a career in a specific sector of industry. The T Level Foundation Programme is aimed at students who do not meet the entry criteria for the T Level in Engineering but still wish to progress to this in 2023. Students will complete the Foundation Programme to progress to the T Level qualification

The course comprises of:

  • OCR Level 2 Technical Diploma in Engineering
  • Employer Led Projects
  • Work Experience
  • Technical Competitions
  • GCSE English and/or Maths

Technical Study

The technical study element of this course will ensure you have a sound background
in mechanical and electrical engineering concepts as well as offering the chance for you to apply these concepts in a range of practical tasks. You will gain knowledge and skills in bench fitting, machining, CAD, electrical circuit design and assembly, plus many more. Assessment of this element will be a mix of internal coursework as well as an end of year exam.

Employability and Work Experience

Our employer liaison and careers staff will guide and support you in obtaining meaningful work experience to help you develop all important employability skills. We also work directly with a range of employers to help bring industry into the classroom via technical challenges throughout the year.

Technical Competitions

You will have the opportunity to work in a team to compete in one of the technical competitions, such the Navy Challenge or F1 in Schools. This is a fun way of helping you develop team working and collaborative skills, alongside the technical aspects of the course.

GCSE Maths and English

Where your grades have fallen short of the entry requirements into the L3 T Level, in the foundation programme we will provide you with excellent levels of support to guide you through the exam
retake process. This support will be tightly focused and will see you working in a small group with expert teachers.

Who is the T Level Foundation Programme for?

The Foundation Programme is designed as the first year of a three-year programme which will lead to students achieving a full T Level in Engineering in Summer 2026.

Suitable for students:

  • Not yet ready to start a T Level
  • Who can realistically achieve a T Level by age 19
  • Who have a strong work ethic and the maturity to work closely with employers
  • Keen to progress to the T Level in Engineering
  • Looking to secure a grade 4 in English Language and a 5 in Maths
  • Looking for a mixture of classroom, workshop and employer activities
  • Can commit to a three-year course

Unsuitable for students:

  • Who already have the qualifications to start a T Level
  • Who need longer than one year to achieve the entry qualification for the T Level
  • With poor behavioural or attendance records
  • Who require intensive support
  • Unlikely to – or uninterested in – achieving a grade 4 in English and a 5 in Maths
  • Looking for a 100% practical route
  • Looking for a one-year standalone course

Upon the completion of the Foundation Programme, it is expected that students will progress to join the Level 3 T Level Engineering Programme. However,  progression is not automatic and is dependent on students securing a Grade 5 in GCSE Maths and passing the Level 2 Technical Diploma in Engineering.

You can apply for this programme here