A Level Chemistry

This will be available from September 2024

Entry Criteria

  • GCSE Chemistry Grade 6 or 6,6 in Combined Science.
  • In addition, a Grade 5 in Mathematics is required with a Grade 6 strongly preferable

Content Summary

Chemistry is a core science, the study of which opens up a range of career prospects. Chemistry is the study of matter, the structures and properties of the building blocks of the universe. A key focus of chemistry is understanding how atoms behave and what determines how they react with one another. You will follow the OCR chemistry A spec (H432) where you will also consider science in society and how we make informed decisions about scientific issues like climate change and pandemics. Students develop an understanding of key scientific and analytical skills Chemistry is an essential requirement for medicine and health related degrees. Career pathways could include pharmaceuticals, drug discovery and chemical engineering. Chemists can also follow a diverse range of careers in journalism, law, or commerce. Throughout the study of you would expect to cover

  • Practical skills
  • Basic chemistry foundations
  • Periodic table and energy
  • Core organic chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry and transition elements
  • Organic chemistry and analysis

What you can expect To Learn.

Certain sections of the course will require more practical work than others but you can expect to spend around 75% of your time in theoretical lessons and 25% of your time in practical lessons. Questioning in Chemistry is essential to improve understanding and for this reason, group work is encouraged but you will also need to be a confident independent learner. Challenging yourself and each other is the best way to improve your grasp of a new concept.