A Level Mathematics

Entry Criteria

Grade 6 GCSE Mathematics is required, Grade 7 or higher is desirable.

Content Summary

Mathematics A Level is for both those who find the subject enjoyable and interesting but also for those who wish to use it to facilitate their studies and interest in other subjects.  Mathematics is a powerful and beautiful subject that teaches students new skills and problem solving techniques that can be used in both Mathematics and in the pursuit of many careers. The course is broken down into the study of Pure Mathematics which includes algebra, calculus, trigonometry and many other challenging and interesting areas of Mathematics. Students also study the applications of Mathematics through Statistics and Mechanics; these areas are especially useful for those students looking to progress in the world of Engineering, Computing, Architecture, Finance and Business.

What Can I Expect In Lessons?

Mathematics is taught in a variety of ways including investigations, problem solving and applications. Lessons are designed to be interesting, progressive and challenging for all students. Students can expect lessons to include the use of technology, mechanical demonstrations and real-life scenarios throughout the course.