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News & Events Year 11 Examination and Revision Timetable.

The arrangements for the final few weeks of Year 11 are shown below. Please note that there is no formal study leave.

Students will need to attend lessons and revision sessions as shown until Wednesday, June 14. From Thursday, June 15 students will only need to come to school to attend public examinations and coursework catch-up classes. The major examinations are shown on this timetable, however, students should check their individual Statement of Entry which will give full details of all examinations to be taken. If your son/daughter has lost this, a duplicate can be obtained from Jess Harley on exams@utcn.org.uk or 01603 580280.

Full details of the arrangements for the examination period are detailed in the UTCN Examination Handbook 2017 which you should have seen. An electronic copy is available below. For ease of reference the following points should be noted:

  • The first examination for all Year 11 students is on Tuesday, May 16
  • Most exams start at 9:15am or 1:15pm
  • Students should maintain their normal routine and not get into the habit of going to bed late and, therefore struggle to get up in time for examinations
  • Please check with your son/daughter that they have all the appropriate equipment for each examination: spare equipment is not always available in the Examination Hall
  • Still water in a clear, plastic bottle without a label is permitted but no other drinks are permitted
  • Full school uniform must be worn for every examination, invigilators will not admit students to the Examination Hall unless they are wearing full uniform
  • The last GCSE exam, for all students, is on Friday, June 23
  • GCSE results day is Thursday, August 24 and results will be available from 10am

Year 11 Exam and Revision Timetable
UTCN Exams Handbook 2017

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