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Why study at University Technical College Norfolk

In a nutshell we will help you get a career!

There is a global shortage of Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Mathematicians and Computer Specialists. UTCN was established to address these shortages by providing study programmes that have been developed in partnership with employers such as KLM UK Engineering, Lotus Cars and Gardline. Because of this, UTCN offers a rigorous package of academic study, practical skills development and work experience.

 We prepare our students in four ways;

1. Curriculum

Our curriculum is relevant. We work with local and national employers and universities to make sure our curriculum gives our students the right skills for the future. As 100% of the students who have left us have gone onto employment or university, we must be on the right lines!

2. Facilities

We have a fabulous £10m site which contains £1.3m of specialist engineering and scientific equipment which provide many unique learning experiences for our students.

3. Employers

We have the support of a significant number of local and national employers and the sponsorship of the University of East Anglia. These organisations support the delivery of the curriculum, provide work experience, offer first-rate careers advice and help our students develop the skills that employers actually want.

4. People

We are a small school (currently 340 students) where you will be treated as a real person, not a number. We have a talented team of teachers and other professionals and we will get to understand what motivates you and help you to fulfil your potential and help you to find your future.

This approach is very successfull and is evidenced by our excellent destinations.

In 2018:

  • 62% of Year 13 students went on to apprenticeships or full time employment
  • 38% of Year 13 went on to university or further Education