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This week, UTCN Students were appraised with their awards by Headteacher, Mr. Hayes for the completion of their spring term programme, rightfully coined the "The Brilliant Club."

The Brilliant Club are a charity that organises The Scholar’s Programme, which is the programme our year 12s participated in. It ran for the duration of the spring term, with the aim of widening participation to elite universities, by giving high performing and aspirational Sixth Formers some exposure to universities and university-style teaching.

In order to complete the Programme, students had to complete research, culminating in a 2,000 word assignment on a set topic (this year was the technology of IVF). They worked in small groups of 6 in university-style tutorials. Their tutor this year was a PhD student from the UEA. The assignments were challenging as students were working at a level above their current Key Stage. Their assignments were given university-style gradings (1st, 2.1, 2.2, 3rd). All of our students who completed the programme passed.

Usually, they have a launch trip where they visit a university, accompanied by an on-site visit by a tutor, and then concluded with a graduation ceremony involving another trip. This year though, it was all virtual – the Launch event was delivered by the University of Leeds and the Graduation event yesterday was delivered by the University of Cambridge. As part of the event, students were given information and virtual tours of the universities involved, and got to hear from current students about what student life is like.

The Year 12 Head of Year, Mr. Doheny added his praise to the students saying, “I am proud of all the effort the students have put into this programme during this term. I hope it inspires them and gives them the confidence to put in those applications to elite universities, knowing them have the ability to get in”

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