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My main draw to UTCN was of course the STEM specialism but also the entire package – everything that goes on outside of your qualifications. The regular Find Your Future events allowed me to make great contacts with employers which ultimately led to my work experience of building a rocket launchpad which provided a great point of discussion at my Jaguar Land Rover interview

What inspired you to go into a career in data and analytics? / What attracted you to that role?

Data and Analytics was an extremely attractive role for me as it combined aspects of Computer Science and also Statistics. As more industries become increasingly data driven, I feel Data and Analytics gave me a great opportunity to be at the forefront and make a tangible impact.

How has your apprenticeship been so far?

Coming towards the end of my first year, I’ve found that I have really settled in and have been offered plenty of opportunity to grow and develop within my role. I have completed both large scale and individual projects which has given irreplaceable experience with taking real stakeholder requirements, presenting my own solution in response and then working to deliver those solutions successfully.

How do you think some of your experiences at UTCN have helped/influence your time at JLR?

As mentioned above, it was an employer contact at UTCN which allowed me to undertake a unique work experience project that provided an impressive technical presentation topic for my Jaguar Land Rover interview. Beyond that, the smaller tasks and projects on offer at UTCN served to strengthen soft skills creating a solid foundation to move into the world of work.

What are your tips for the current Year 13s who may want to take a similar path to you?

Take all the opportunities afforded to you, they will only serve you well, be that developing soft skills or providing you a project to put on your CV and discuss at interview. In my experience, UTCN allows you to construct a CV that offers employers more than just your qualifications which I think is invaluable in the hugely competitive landscape today.


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