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2017 Key Stage 4 (end of Year 11) results

DfE Progress 8 score is yet to be calculated by the Department for Education

Please note that Progress 8 is calculated by measuring the progress that students make between Key Stage 2 SATs (taken in Year 6) and GCSEs (taken in Year 11). As students at UTCN only join us 60% of the way through their secondary education, it does not give a valid representation of the progress that students make with us. Indeed, many students transfer to us having made disappointing progress at Key Stage 3. We have, therefore, calculated our own Progress 8 (Y10 to Y11) score which shows a very positive valued added.

Attainment 8 score is C-

This is the average GCSE grade which students at UTCN achieved in the subjects which are used to calculate Progress 8.

40% of pupils got a grade 5 or better English and Mathematics

This is known as the Basics measure. (For Grade 4 - which some schools are publishing - the figure is 61%)

15% of pupils entered in for the English Baccalaureate and 3% of pupils achieved the English Baccalaureate

This shows the percentage of students in traditional academic subjects including a language and history or geography. The English Baccalaureate does not include technical subjects and so whilst it is available, very few of our students choose to follow it, prefering to study subjects such as Engineering which are more relevant to the 21st century life and work.

100% of our Year 11 students progressed to education or took up an apprenticeship

A full list of the destinations of last year's Year 11 is available here.

    2017 Key Stage 5 (end of Year 13) results

    • The average grade that students achieved in their technical subjects was a Distinction + 
    • The average grade that students achieved in their A Level subjects was an E 
    • The progress students made in their English and Maths GCSE retakes was +1.57 (this was the highest score in the entire country!)   
    • 100% of our students continued to education, training or employment at the end of Year 13

    Performance tables

    You can see our results and compare them to other schools by clicking on this link: school and college performance tables service.