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The UTCN Day.
Prospective Students The UTCN Day.

The UTCN school day currently runs as follows:

 0900    Personal Development
 0915    Period 1
 1015   Period 2
 1115   Break I
 1125   Period 3
 1225   Lunch
 1300   Period 4
 1400   Period 5
 1500   Day Ends (Mon/Fri) Break II (Tues/Wed/Thurs) 
 1505   KS5 lessons, Session Z Revision, Session X activities,  (Tuesday and Thursday)
 1600   Teaching day ends, Private Study
 1700   Extended school day ends

From September 2022, the school day will change to:

> Comply with the new government directive to increase the school week to 32.5 hours
> Move to a one-week timetable to establish a clear weekly routine
> Move to 50-minute lessons to increase the pace of lessons and student focus
> Ensure we deliver discrete PSHE classes

School Day from September 2022


What time will the school open and close?

This will not change: the school is open to students to work from 0800 to 1700, with a 1630 close on Fridays.

When will Session X run?
Optional extra-curricular activities eg. F1, Further Maths, Vex Robots will now run within the school day with the exception of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme which will run on selected Fridays at 1445.

Without a Form Tutor, who do I speak to?
If you have an academic concern, please speak/email your child’s teacher. If you have a pastoral concern, please speak to Sam Cole, our Student Manager or your child’s Year Lead. Mrs Cole is a non-teacher and will be available to respond more quickly than was previously the case with form tutors who spend a good deal of the day teaching.

My child will struggle to cope with an extended school day
The government has mandated that all schools must run a 32.5 hour week by 2023. We will be coming into line with this direction one year earlier. If you feel that your child is not coping, please talk to the pastoral ream in the first instance, who will be able to offer support.

Will all students leave the site at the same time?
Yes and no! All Year 10 and Year 11 students will leave the site at the same time. However, Year 12 and 13 students follow slightly different timings according to their programme of study.

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