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UTCN Challenge.
Student Opportunities UTCN Summer Reading Challenge.

Achieve this summer by completing an Award in the UTCN Summer Reading Challenge!

To find it, visit the UTCN library website here.

There is a section at the top called ‘Summer Reading Challenge’, which contains a Sway presentation: https://sway.office.com/aPOmwfLJBeVLU5fx?ref=Link

Everything you need to know to take part is within this Sway presentation – click through it to find out about the different awards. Each level (Bronze, Silver and Gold) has a choice of options.

You can start at either Bronze or Silver level. The Sway contains the task sheets for each award too – when you have finished the required reading simply answer the questions and click submit to achieve your Award!

Award winners will receive a certificate from Mr Hayes next term, and there will be prizes for the best entries from the year group in Bronze, Silver and Gold.”


Bronze task sheet – articles
Bronze task sheet – short stories
Bronze task sheet – Norfolk tales
Silver task sheet – books
Gold task sheet – creative project

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