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News & Events Norfolk School Celebrates Three New Engineering Scholars.

Three students from UTC Norfolk (UTCN) have been awarded an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship which is one of the most prestigious of its type in the UK. They will be partnered with employer sponsors who will help propel them through their Sixth Form studies and secure bright, future careers.

This brings the number of current UTCN students holding one of these highly sought-after scholarships to five – a great achievement for the Norwich-based school which specialises in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Joanna Crane, Connor Hunter and Kieron McFarlane, all from Norwich, are being sponsored by ARM Ltd., JP Blanch Will Trust and The John Jarrold Trust respectively.

Joanna’s partnership with ARM Ltd. will enable her to have financial backing during her time at Sixth Form. The business describes their work as creating technology which ‘enables the creation of new markets and transformation of industries and society.’ As a multi-national company with offices all around the world, it is a great opportunity for Joanna who is interested in a career in either Maths, Computing or Cyber Security.

The John Jarrold Trust will also provide Kieron with financial benefits during his studies at Sixth Form. The trust has links to medical research at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital and he has done very well in securing this local business as his sponsor.

Connor’s sponsor is the JP Blanch Will Trust which was ‘set up to act as a lasting legacy for training young people in automotive engineering.’ This will help Connor determine which engineering sector to focus on for his career.

The students undertook a rigorous selection process in Year 11 to secure their positions as scholars.  This involved a detailed application form, an engineering project, aptitude exam to assess problem-solving capability and a university-based assessment day.

UTC Norfolk student Joanna Crane commented:

“The Arkwright engineering scholarship was an opportunity I never knew existed until I joined UTCN. Despite being incredibly interested in computing, physics and maths, when I thought of an engineering scholarship I thought of lathes, milling machines and mechanisms, not an opportunity to venture into a career that encases all of the subjects I am interested in. The college and its Arkwright mentor proved to me that engineering is the future, and one that I can be a part of.

Without their incredible support and guidance, I know I would not have been partnered with a top worldwide technology company that billions of people rely on daily or have the employability skills and confidence that the process provided me with.”

UTC Norfolk student Connor Hunter commented:

“Arkwright is a great opportunity for engineering students and I feel very privileged to be one of the 400 scholars across the country.”

UTC Norfolk student Kieron McFarlane commented:

“After being through the process, I would recommend Arkwright to anyone interested in engineering. I’ve found it’s boosted my confidence as an engineer and has opened doors to new opportunities.”

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