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A Level Plus

A Level Plus Programme

Students need to make one choice from each Option Block:

Option A Option B Option C Option D Option E 
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Engineering III
  • Private Study
  • Cyber Security
  • Further Engineering
  • Physics
  • Private Study
  • Engineering
  • Engineering III
  • Mathematics
  • Private Study
  • Computing
  • Engineering (for Maths A Level students)
  • Further Engineering
  • Private Study
  • English Retake
  • EPQ
  • Maths Intervention
  • Physics Intervention
  • Private Study

*Further Engineering can only be studied if Engineering has also been chosen

This programme is of two years’ duration commencing in September 2020 and runs over four-days per week.

In addition to the core programmes, all students participate in:

  • EPQ (Exteneded Project Qualification)
  • RWPBL - Real World Project Based Learning
  • PUN - Preparation for University
  • Private Study
  • Two weeks’ Work Experience in July 2021
  • Day 5 - where students find paid or unpaid work


When considering your A Level choices you may wish to note the following

The number of A Levels you need to take

"The vast majority of Universities, including UEA will only need students to study three A Levels and offers will be made based on this at UCAS. When you are considering what you want to study at sixth form it is important to bear this in mind, as you need to maximise your potential to achieve the best grades in these A Levels."

Assistant Head of Admissions, UEA

Students wishing to study 4 A Levels will usually need a minimum of 5 A/A* grades and the approval of the Year 12 Lead.

Combinations of Study

Study at post-16 becomes very much more productive when students follow logical combinations of subject course. Eg. Your engineering grades will benefit from the study of.....

What goes well with what?


Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science


Engineering, Mathematics, Physics

Computer Science

Business, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics


Business, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science


Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering


Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics