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UTCN exists to develop the next generation of Engineering and Health Science professionals and we were founded by a group of major employers (including Lotus and KLM) and the University of East Anglia to do just that. They work with us to ensure our students are exceptionally well prepared for their futures. Now in our seventh year, we have an excellent track record of helping young people find their future in Engineering and Health Science careers.

What does life at the UTCN 6th Form look like?

  • Weekly real-world projects working with employers to build experience and learn new skills
  • Learning with £1.3m of state-of-the-art science and engineering facilities
  • One day every week dedicated to work experience, volunteering or private study

“Our students are taught technical and scientific subjects in such a way as to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals, inventors, engineers, scientists and technicians,” says Head Teacher Alex Hayes.  “The college has over £1m of specialist engineering and medical equipment, and a talented team of teachers and professionals to help students achieve their goals.”

The college has an impressive success rate: in 2020, 60% of our students left to take up apprenticeships or full-time employment, and the other 40% went on to take a place at university or other places of further education.

As a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a tremendous effect on all sections of the population but none more so than the NHS, there has been a rise in demand from students to join the ranks of health professionals.

To help students access their chosen career, UTCN has introduced a new course, a Level 3 Health Futures Programme.  The programme, the equivalent of 3 A-levels, can provide access to either apprenticeships or university courses.  Students will practical scientific procedures and techniques, science investigation skills, laboratory techniques and their application, contemporary issues in science, principles and the practical applications of science.

To find out more visit www.utcn.org.uk and apply to find your future.

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