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Year 11 Intervention.
Option Year 11 Intervention.

Intervention classes for Year 11 students are timetabled. These are extra classes that run from 3.05pm to 4.00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are designed to help your son/daughter achieve the very best grade possible.

There is a focus on English and Maths – ideally we want students to get at least a grade 5 in both as this will maximise their future opportunities. The students involved in these classes will vary as we approach GCSEs – this is because the groups are created to have a specific focus eg. students who need to improve essay writing skills or revise plant biology.

Therefore, students may be involved one, two or no days per week. All classes are marked on students’ timetables eg. ‘Exam Mathematics’. Groups are determined by your son/daughter’s teachers and are based on the half-termly data collected for progress reports. Groups are deliberately small, typically 10 students. Attendance at intervention classes is compulsory. Intervention has proved very effective in the recent past.

 Activity   Teacher 
 English   Miss Oliff 
 Mathematics   Mr Everett 
 Science   Mr Vinters 
 Humanities   Mr Piggott 


 Activity   Teacher 
 English   Miss Oliff 
 Mathematics   Mr Moyo 
 Science   Mr Temple 

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