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A Level Further Maths.
Core Curriculum A Level Further Mathematics.

Further Mathematics A Level is for students who have a deep-rooted passion for the subject and enjoy the most challenging and thought provoking of problems.

It is for those wishing to earn two distinct ‘A’ Level qualifications: one in ‘A’ Level Maths and one in ‘A’ Level Further Maths.

Students wanting to study Maths or Engineering at a top university will generally have been expected to have studied Further Maths at ‘A’ Level. Students applying for these courses who have not studied Further Maths can be at a disadvantage.

All Further maths students study a Pure Core content which equates to about two-thirds of the exam papers at the end of the two-year course. This includes complex numbers, matrices, proof by induction, sum of standard series, further calculus, hyperbolic functions and differential equations.

The last third of the course is up to the individual where the teachers can suggest from the following options. Decision maths (closely linked to computer science A level), Further mechanics (closely linked to physics A level), Further statistics and Further Pure content.

What You Can
Expect To Learn.
Students studying Further Maths need to have excellent algebraic skills and a love for the abstract nature of the subject. As in ‘A’ Level Mathematics, you will be expected to do a lot of written work, presented so that others can understand clearly what you are trying to do.

Please note that this course will only run if we have sufficient demand.

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