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A Level Business.
Core Curriculum A Level Business.

The A Level course comprises of ten units studied over two academic years. All ten units are examined over three examination papers in Year 13. There is no coursework. Each examination is worth 33.3%.

Topics covered within the units include:

  • Year One: what is business; managers and leadership; and decision making to improve operational, marketing, financial and human resource performance.
  • Year Two: analyse strategic positions of a business; choose strategic directions for a business; learn how to pursue strategies; and how to manage strategic change in business.


What You Can
Expect To Learn.
Lessons will be business led. Each topic will include real business examples from small start-up businesses to multinational companies. You will learn about becoming an entrepreneur to being an operational manager making key strategic decisions. Lessons regularly include videos, documentaries, group work and the opportunity to research businesses that interest you.
This is an opportunity to understand how businesses really work.
The course links well with most other subjects and will support applications for university and the world of work. Employers in particular welcome students who already have an understanding of how a business is run.

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