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A Level Biology.
Core Curriculum A Level Biology.

This Biology A Level specification will nurture your passion for biology and lay the foundations for further study and careers in biological sciences and medicine.

We start off by investigating the biochemical basis of life including carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. We then investigate the cellular nature of life, including eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, using extensive laboratory techniques. This is then used to explain the development of vascular and respiratory disease. In Year 13 we explore the issues associated with genetic diversity and evolution. We then look at the homeostatic mechanisms in the body and what happens when they go wrong.

You will study the following main aspects of Biology:

  • Biochemistry: Investigating the basic chemicals at the heart of all living organisms
  • Cardiovascular systems and disease: Heart and lung physiology and disease, Fish and locust gas exchange systems
  • Cell Biology: Investigate eukaryotic cell ultrastructure and function using light and electron microscopy.
  • Microbiology: Use microscopy to explain how cells behave, replicate and interact with each other
  • Ecology: Investigating relationships between fauna and flora, methodical modelling and testing hypotheses
  • Immunology: Investigating vaccination and the use of monoclonal antibodies in diagnosis and treating cancer
  • Inheritance and diversity: Investigating why we are similar but different to other Sapiens, and the basis of disease.


What You Can
Expect To Learn.
Biology is a truly engaging subject:

  • Expect lessons to be interactive with you driving the learning in the lesson

  • Expect most lessons to contain an element of practical work and for you to be taught the skills to carry that out effectively

  • Expect to work very hard in class completing a variety of learning tasks designed to stretch and challenge you

  • Expect to receive feedback on your written work and for you to act on it.

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