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GCSE Media Studies.
Option GCSE Media Studies.

The new Media Studies GCSE is an exciting, up-to-date course that will allow students to investigate how the media influence our society.

It is designed for students who are interested in developing their knowledge of current affairs, culture and media production. The course includes study of a broad range of mediums, including film, TV, magazines and newspapers, as well as a practical unit requiring students to produce a media text in response to a set brief.

What You Can
Expect To Learn.
Students who choose Media Studies need to be self-motivated in lessons, as they will be expected to work independently on coursework tasks. The course is widely accessible to all students, as it allows them to be creative and engage with both visual and written texts. Many of the skills included in the Media Studies curriculum are also cross-curricular, such as analytical reading and writing for a specific purpose, which could support students in the improvement of their English and Humanities grades.

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