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GCSE Chemistry.
Core Curriculum GCSE Chemistry.

Chemistry is everywhere! Without Chemistry nothing else would be possible, just by reading this and thinking about it, chemistry is happening in your brain.

Whilst studying GCSE Chemistry you will learn about the 100 different types of matter that make up the world around us, which chemists call the elements. We will learn about the discovery of the elements and which ones are reactive and those which are inert. We will study the relationships that exist between these elements and how they fit together, beginning your journey to truly understanding the world around us. Linus Pauling said “Every aspect of the world today – even politics and international relations – is affected by chemistry.”

What You Can
Expect To Learn.
Chemistry lessons are varied, you can be learning complicated theories of how chemicals come together and react and then trying it for yourself in practicals. You will learn the skills needed to interact with the molecular world including, but not limited to measuring mass, volumes and temperatures. You will need to work hard both in lessons and outside because chemistry is a very demanding subject, but ultimately extremely rewarding.

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