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A Level Plus.
Option A Level Plus.

The A Level Plus Programme.

Minimum Grades

5 in Mathematics GCSE

5 in English Language GCSE 4 grade 5s in other subjects

Students should choose three subjects from the following:

• Computer Science
• Level 3 C Tech Engineering
• Mathematics
• Further Mathematics
• Physics

– Further Mathematics can only be studied if Mathematics has also been chosen
– EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) can be added to any selection

In addition to the core programmes, all students participate in:

  • EPQ (Exteneded Project Qualification)
  • RWPBL – Real World Project Based Learning
  • PUN – Preparation for University
  • Private Study
  • Two weeks’ Work Experience in July 2021
  • Day 5 – where students find paid or unpaid work
When considering your A Level choices you may wish to note the following:

The number of A Levels you need to take:
“The vast majority of Universities, including UEA will only need students to study three A Levels and offers will be made based on this at UCAS. When you are considering what you want to study at sixth form it is important to bear this in mind, as you need to maximise your potential to achieve the best grades in these A Levels.”

Assistant Head of Admissions, UEA

Students wishing to study 4 A Levels will usually need a minimum of 5 A/A* grades and the approval of the Year 12 Lead.

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