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News & Events Changes To Traffic Arrangements At UTCN.

The vast majority of our students travel to UTCN by public transport. If this applies to your son or daughter, you need not read on. However, if you pick up your child from UTCN at the end of the day by car, please read the following carefully as it will directly affect you.

Congestion around the front of the school at the end of the school day is becoming increasingly dangerous. With our substantially increased student numbers, it is apparent that the arrangements which worked last year are no longer sufficient. There are two main concerns. Firstly, parents are parking at the bus stop and on the double yellow lines around the roundabout. This is making it impossible for buses to navigate around the roundabout, bringing the traffic to a halt. This blockage is then encouraging cyclists, motorists and moped users to travel the wrong way around the roundabout. This is clearly very dangerous and we need to make the following changes, with effect from Thursday, October 1 to prevent an accident: • No cars will be allowed to park or wait on the double yellow lines or at the bus stop – Norwich City Council traffic wardens will patrol the immediate area and ticket where necessary. • The Staff Car Park will be closed at 4.20pm (3.20 on Mondays and Fridays) until 4.45pm (3.45 on Mondays and Fridays). • Students will need to walk their bikes and mopeds out of the pedestrian gate at the end of the day. When the planning permission for the UTC was granted, it was a planning condition that parents would not be able to pick up/drop off at the UTC. Whilst, this may seem unfair and out of line with other schools, that is the position. Therefore, we would suggest that if you wish to pick up your child by car at the end of the day, you meet them at a safe and suitable local car park, for instance, at Tesco or B&Q.

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