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News & Events A Wind Farm Careers Challenge For Norfolk High School Students..

Vattenfall, University Technical College Norfolk (UTCN) and 3DWTech have developed a Wind Farm Careers Challenge programme which provides students with a flavour of the offshore wind sector whilst training them on the use of the latest industry-standard 3D Virtual Reality.

The Wind Farm Careers Challenge programme enables students of high school age to understand what goes in to creating an offshore wind farm, including the logistics, the cost, and the constraints of working whilst considering the environmental impact.

UTCN students have trained as peer mentors and, with the help of undergraduates from the University of East Anglia (UEA), are now able to deliver the Wind Farm Careers Challenge in schools and colleges across Norfolk. They have also successfully taken the Challenge to Dutch colleges Noorderpoort and Nova.

Delivering the programme has enabled the UTCN students to improve their presentation, teaching and team working skills and abilities, these being important soft skills which will further enhance their future employment prospects.

Additionally, those students taking part in the programme gain a much better understanding of the breadth of career opportunities relating to the increasing number of renewable energy projects taking place on their ‘Norfolk doorstep’.

Alex Hayes, Headteacher at UTCN, commented:

“There are a growing number of exciting environmental and engineering career opportunities linked to offshore wind sector in the East of England.

“The Wind Farm Careers Challenge programme provides participating schools with the opportunity for their students to work directly with both UEA and business partners, establishing important links for the future as well as developing their own portfolio of career learning opportunities.”

There are still opportunities for Norfolk high schools to take part in the programme, and dates and booking details can be found by calling Sophie Skipp, UTCN Employer Engagement Coordinator on 01603 58280.

The creation and delivery of the programme has been funded by Vattenfall, and the Engineering Education Grant Scheme which is a collaborative fund delivered by the Institution of Engineering and Technlogy (IET) and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMecHE).

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